“I always try to relate to our clients, to find a common interest,” says CPA Amanda Lichtenberger, who has been with Eder, Casella & Co. since 2010. “I’ve had clients refer to us as the ‘nice auditors.’ That’s always a great thing to hear.”


In addition to leading audits for the firm, Lichtenberger prepares personal and business tax returns, bank reconciliations, compilations and financial statements. It’s a passion born in high school, where a favorite teacher coaxed her into taking an Accounting I class. “I figured why not? I noticed immediately how easily the subject came to me and I was actually tutoring others in my class by the end of the year,” Lichtenberger recalls. “I ended up in Accounting II as an independent study — I learned so much about the craft, and on top of that I learned how to teach myself, which still helps me to this day in figuring out tougher problems clients have.”


Lichtenberger grew up in Johnsburg, earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Masters of Professional Accountancy from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She started her career in her junior year by interning at Eder, Casella & Co. and now she is a licensed CPA in Illinois. Her drive to excel is a credit to her upbringing: “My mother motivates me. She was a single mom raising a daughter, and she showed me you don’t need anyone else to be successful, you just need to work hard. She was strict but always made sure I knew I could do anything I set out to do — and I did.”



Get to Know Amanda — Five Facts:


1. The highlight of my career so far… “Having clients specifically request me. It feels great that they can relate, or at least feel comfortable around me, and want to have me back.”


2. If I wasn’t an accountant… “I’d love to be a travel journalist — see the world and write about it.”


3. People would be surprised to know… “I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I’ve gone sky diving multiple times, swam with sharks — basically, if it scares me I want to try it!”


4. I’d like to be remembered as… “Kind-hearted, someone who genuinely cares.”


5. Accounting is fun (yes, really!) because… “It’s a daily puzzle, something of a brain teaser. No situation is exactly the same and it tends to keep you on your toes.”



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