Most people outside the profession think of accounting as simply crunching numbers. Boring, right? Think again. “There’s a lot of diversity in the types of work we do —  every engagement we take on feels a bit like a puzzle to solve, and there are always new things to learn, new skills to develop and apply, and new professional relationships to build,” says CPA Josh Fuiava, who has been with Eder, Casella & Co. since 2011. “Plus, at the end of the day, we’re helping people, whether it’s an audit and we’re working with clients to develop ways to improve their controls and accounting procedures, or a tax return where we’re helping them save money.”


Fuiava, who earned his CPA in October of 2013 after graduating from Ohio State University with a B.S. in Business Administration, tackles a number of duties for the firm, including taxes, bookkeeping and audits. In each client relationship, the goal is to maximize results.


“We at Eder Casella & Co. take a lot of pride in our work, and we strive to be as knowledgeable as possible to help our clients get the most out of our services,” the married father of three says. “I like giving clients tips and different strategies to improve their business and their bookkeeping. Sometimes it’s something as simple as showing them how to use QuickBooks more effectively, but little things like that can go a long way in helping them use their accounting data and apply the results to the rest of their business.”


Of course, every decimal point matters. “We are very thorough when it comes to our work and clients’ needs — nothing goes out the door unless it meets our very high standards of quality,” Fuiava asserts.


As for aspiring accountants, the McHenry native has a few key pieces of advice. “Don’t be afraid to have a personality,” he says. “You may hear that there is no place for creativity or charisma in this line of work, but that’s a huge misconception. Be professional and courteous, but don’t forget to be yourself."


“Also, build as broad a knowledge base as you can,” he continues. “Any and every tidbit of information will be useful at some point in your professional career, whether you decide to do public or private accounting. Never stop learning.”



Get to Know Josh — Five Facts:


1. My first job was… “Working as a cart jock at a golf course. I loved getting everything set up for a big outing, helping people out when they needed something before their round, and driving the carts out on the course (duh).”


2. The word that best describes me… “Goofy.”


3. When I’m not at work, I enjoy… “Spending time with my wife and kids, and playing video games and sports.”


4. If I wasn’t an accountant… “I would like to put ‘professional athlete’ but I’m afraid that ship sailed a few years (and several pounds) ago. So now I think if I weren’t doing this, I would go back to school to be a teacher.”


5. My advice for passing the CPA exam is… “Study. Take as many practice tests as you can, and get some rest the night before the exam. Then, when you’re actually taking the exam, don’t doubt yourself — you’ve got this!”



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