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After two summers as an intern., Mary Lollino knew she had chosen her career path well. “My internships at Eder, Casella & Co. made me realize I definitely wanted to be an accountant,” the Arlington Heights, Illinois native says.


The original inspiration for her accounting pursuit, however, came much younger. “My dad was a CPA, and I loved going to work with him and playing on his adding machine.,” she recalls. “I was always pretty good at math in school because he would give me problems to do for ‘fun,’ and eventually, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

As a staff accountant, Lollino — who graduated with a Master of Accounting Science degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — likes to dig into the inner workings of companies in a variety of industries, and to get to know each of her clients. “Being an accountant helps you understand so many different areas of business, and I love that my job exposes me to different types of clients that I can learn from in return,” she explains. “And at Eder, Casella, right from the start everyone was so welcoming and helpful.”

Still, however, those closest to her had some doubts … that is, until they saw her passion for the job in action. “A lot of my family and friends were surprised that I wanted to be an accountant because I talk too much and they assumed that I would just be sitting at a desk by myself literally counting numbers,” Lollino laughs. “But people don’t realize that you are constantly interacting with co-workers and clients — and doing much more than using a calculator.”



Get to Know Mary — Five Facts:


1.  My first job was… “At a Chinese restaurant answering phones and working the cash register throughout high school. I loved getting a free meal every time I worked, but also hated those free meals because I couldn’t stand to eat Chinese food for a while after I stopped working there.”

2.  If I wasn’t an accountant… “I would love to start a restaurant with my family and make family recipes. It is something that we always talk about and I think it would be awesome to start a business together since we’re all so close.”

3.  I’m inspired by… “My parents. They motivate me because they always taught me to take pride in anything I do as long as I give it my all, and I think that is a great way to live a successful and happy life.”

4.  When I’m not at work, I enjoy… “Playing tennis, going on walks, cooking, and catching up with friends and family.”


5.  My heroes are… “My grandparents, because they are the definition of the American Dream. They came to the U.S. from Italy with nothing and worked hard to create wonderful lives for themselves and their families.”


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