Melissa (Mickey) Broman, CPA, CGMA



Do you know how much your business is really worth? There’s actually an easy way you can find out, thanks to Mickey Broman.


The Des Plaines native, who joined Eder, Casella & Co as a Director in 2017 with over three decades of experience — 22 of them as a partner in another CPA firm — specializes in digging through the complex data to pinpoint a value for privately-held businesses.


“A business valuation is the process of establishing an opinion of the market value of an ongoing business that is not publicly traded and for which market data is not readily available,” she explains. “The most common uses of business valuations are to aid in purchasing or selling a business, settling a shareholder dispute, determining the split of marital assets in a divorce, or establishing a value for gift or estate tax purposes.”


Broman — who graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and studied accounting in graduate school at Roosevelt University — also works with clients to develop comprehensive tax strategies. “I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them to achieve the best tax results,” she explains. “I’ve seen many changes in tax law over the last 30 years. Those changes make taxation an ever-changing field in which to practice, and I enjoy the challenge of adjusting strategies to best take advantage of those changes.”


As part of that, Broman adds, sharing her knowledge is key. “I enjoy educating clients on accounting and tax matters,” she says. “I feel that the more a client understands about their own accounting or tax situation, the better he or she will be at decision making.”


No matter the task waiting to be tackled each day, Broman says she became an accountant because she enjoys solving puzzles. “Whether it’s putting together a set of financial statements or producing a tax return, the task remains the same at heart — taking the client’s information, making necessary adjustments, and putting it all in the correct format to produce the desired result,” she says. “I was probably most inspired by my father, who was not an accountant himself, but who taught me many things about operating ethically in the business world.”


Get to Know Mickey — Eight Facts:


1. If I wasn’t an accountant, I’d be ... “An academic — probably a college professor and doing some sort of research. Although I also always thought that I’d like being a singer in a rock n’ roll band.”


2. I’m inspired by … “Nearly everyone around me — clients, co-workers, family, friends. The world is full of amazing people.”


3. My first job was … “Working the candy counter at the Des Plaines Theater at age 16. My favorite thing was that I had money to spend on what I wanted. My least favorite was having to go down a steep, dark set of stairs to the basement of the theater at the end of every shift to wash out the parts of the popcorn machine.”


4. When I’m not at work, I enjoy… “Reading, particularly political history and anything about the Civil War.  I love travel and good wine, and I also enjoy time spent at our lake house with the grandchildren – water skiing, tubing, and playing around in the water with them.”


5. My favorite type of music is … “American folk. Wisconsin Public Radio broadcasts a show on Sundays from 5-8 p.m. called ‘Simply Folk.’ I could listen to that show all day long.”


6. I’d like to be remembered as … “A person who was fair and honest with others, was kind and also funny.”


7. My hero is … “The closest thing to a hero for me is probably Jimmy Carter. While he was not our country’s best president, I think he has been our country’s best former president. He is a man of integrity, intelligence and kindness who has done so much to improve our world, through his work with Habitat for Humanity, the Carter Center, and his willingness to work for global causes. He’s a superb example of how to spend one’s ‘retirement’ years.”


8. My favorite quote is… “’Never complain about paying taxes — it means you made money.’ My father said it and I’ve repeated it many times in conversations with clients.”

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